How to Email Important People

Have you ever wanted to contact a role model but didn’t know how to find their email? Or perhaps you already tried contacting that influencer but never got a responce…

If you are serious about being successful online, at some point you are going to need to network with influences in your industry.

There are many options, but the best way of communicating online is still Email.

In this article, I am going to show you the way to finding almost any ones email but most importantly, we will cover specific things to do so increase your chances of getting a response.

How to Find Their Email

This one is obvious, if you want to email someone you firsthave to know their email address. Many influential people will try to protect their emails so they don’t get bombarded more than they already do.

Buts surprisingly, finding email addresses is actually quite easy.

The first and obvious choice will always be their website. Many influential people actually show their emails or contact forms on their sites and most answer withing a few hours.

But what if you can’t find their email address anywhere?

Don’t stress, there’s actually a great tool for Gmail that will help you with that. The tool is called Rapportive. Just visit their website and install the plugin on your browser.

The guys over at distilled actually took this tool a step further by developing a Google drive document that works together with Rapportive. Here is the link to that:

Here is a video that shows you how to find emails using this tool:

You won’t find everyone e-mail, but I’ve had about a 70% success rate with this technique.

When using this tool, be patient and try to be creative. If you can’t find someone under a address, try their domain instead… Example:

I’ve used this tool to find the email of guys like:


Neil Patel (Quick Sprout), Seth Godin, Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income), Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Work Week), Gary Vaynerchuk and many others.

Crafting the Email

OK, so you got the email and you decide to start typing away…

Before you hit send or write a word for that matter, read the following 3 steps to increase your chances of getting an answer.

1. The Subject

The first thing anyone looks at before opening an email is the subject line. There are hundreds of websites that will show you special things you can say on your subject to get emails opened but many of them just trick the person into opening the email.

My preferred method is to be precise and say what the email is about. If the purpose of your email is to ask for an interview with them, then say it “Interview request” would do just fine.

2. Be Brief and Get To The POINT

Influential people are usually also very busy people. Pat Flynn told me that he personally gets over 200 emails per day.


The point is that this people are busy, so respect their time and make your email short and to the point.

3. Make it about them

Don’t write someone an email just to write it, or you will get responses like this:


As Seth Godin once put it:

The world revolves around me. Me, me, me. My favorite person: Me.
I don’t want email from you. I don’t want junk mail from you. I want me-mail.

— Seth Godin

We are all human beings and deep down, we all care about ourselves. There has to be something in it for them inside the email. The words please or anything that remotely resembles asking for a favor should never be in your email.

I repeat, don’t email someone unless you have something to tell them that they want to hear.

Adding something like “went to your last conference in Seattle and was truly inspired, specially when you mentioned…

This lets people know that you are human and that you actually know who they are.

Final Thoughts

Best time to email

This changes from person to person but according to Mail Chimp, most people check their email on weekdays after 12pm with the busiest times being between 2 and 5pm.

I would not worry about time so much, if you have something to say, just send the email and wait for a response. I found that most influencers respond back withing 24 hours but there are exceptions.

Don’t expect anything

So you followed all the instructions and sent out a perfect email, but its been a month and no response…

Don’t expect anything when you email important people. Remember, they get thousands of emails a week.

If you can’t reach someone by email then try their social media channels, blog comment sections, or attend their events.

Respect others time and don’t send a crappy email and expect to get a great response.

If you have any questions feel free to use the contact page. I usually respond to emails within a few hours. I might not be Seth Godin, but I will try to do my best to help you.

I hope you found this article useful, if you did, please share!

6 Responses to How to Email Important People

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  3. rain says:

    Umm … this content’s very useful and very interesting.

  4. Adam Finan says:

    Interesting angle. It is obviously a great idea to reach out but imo :

    #1 You better offer something worth sharing
    #2 These guys are busy and most might think your just tapping into their reach
    #3 You better offer them something of value!

    Q: Did they find it weird that you made gravatars of them!?

  5. Eveliop says:

    Hey Adam,

    lol they actually liked the caricatures, some even twitted about it.

    Whats funny is that I get emails almost every other day from people asking if I could make them one for them…

  6. I think the admin of this web site is really working hard
    in favor of his web page, for the reason that here every information is quality based material.

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