The Journey of an Average SEO 


I hate my job!

You should quit 
and look into 
SEO and internet 

My grandma 
told me all 
about it...

Feeling desperate, 
he goes online and 
researches all about 

He spends around 
$2000 on SEO courses 
and begins to learn all 
about link networks, 
forum profiles, social 
bookmarks, and more... 

He is excited!

He puts his new found 
knowledge to work and 
in a few months is 
making a couple bucks 
with adsense!

One day while visiting his favorite forum he hears how Google is planning an update to combat spam and crappy websites. 

"I got nothing to worry about, he says, my strategies are all legit, all the experts in the forum use them and I am making mucho money!"

The next day he opens 
his computer and realizes 
his website is a ghost 
town, his adsense earning 
are at $0.00 and his
niche site is in page 
2000 in Google results!

Screw you Google 
and your stupid 
$@&#ing Panda.

How could you do 
this to me?!!? 

Dont you know my 
crappy niche site is 
all I had! 

How could you ....

After 3 months of depression, he returns to the forums to see 
whats working now. He is determined to making millions online! 

He quickly learns that the way to trick Google now is by spinning 
articles 2.5 million times and submitting those article to private 
blog networks. 

10 months later he has a brand new site ranking and earning some money from adsense ads. 

Life is Great!

Then the next Google update hits...

Screw you Google and 
all your little retarded 
zoo animals! 

You really are the devil 
and you must die! 

Who do you think you are?

Many Years Later...

Moral of the Story:

Stop trying to trick Google and start creating things that matter!

The End

*no actual animals were harmed during the making of this article.

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15 Responses to The Journey of an Average SEO – True Story

  1. Violeta says:

    Hahaha, this is so true. And it’s a part of my aversion to SEO.

    Besides, isn’t SEO outdated anyway? There are so many ways you can get traffic…

    • Eveliop says:

      Hey Violeta glad you liked it.

      Even though some part of “SEO” is still needed for search engine optimization purposes (which was the original intent) I think the Blackhat, Whitehat, and any other rainbow color type of SEO talk should not be in anyone’s vocabulary.

      Yet, you see forums, tools, courses and other things still remain popular…

      Creating awesome epic content is so much more rewarding and it is a lot easier to leverage.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

    • Dear Violeta,

      I have to desagree with you on that one, SEO isn’t dead. In fact, it’s stronger than ever, it’s just harder for the average person who only wants to trick Google.

      Google has always been about providing the best search results for search queries and the way to go into the game is actually producing useful/helpful content that people want to share. Still, this is just the beginning of the hurdle.

      It doesn’t matter if you are an SEO or social networking personality, you will always have to promote your content. The publishing and forgetting approach doesn’t work anymore, you need to actually become an authority and for that you need help from already stablished brads.

      It’s true that there are more ways to drive traffic to a web property, but SEO is by far the most reliable and among the most lucrative.

      I hope this information was of help. Take care and have a great Monday.

      Jonathan Nuñez

  2. This is awesome! Really cool storyline and graphics. I like that it was his grandma that told him about SEO lol. This is a really nice site you have here. I’m sharing this out. Thanks! -Chris

    • Eveliop says:

      Glad you liked it Chris!

      SEO got to the point that even grandmas knew about it. People keep chasing bad information on trying to outsmart Google and customers which is even worse. In my opinion, creating epic things is a much more sustainable business model…

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. David says:

    You are a good story teller. You could have easily called your article – Death of an SEO in Googledise

  4. […] The Journey of an Average SEO – True Story, Epicster […]

  5. Abdul Wahab says:

    hahaha. I like the way you described it.

  6. Adam Finan says:

    This is hilarious! Shared to my followers.. Damn Google updates!

  7. Sam says:

    I like the philosophical’s side of the end of the story. It makes oneself think about the way he trys to make things working out with the bad, ugly, and limitless Google !

  8. Anna Soseo says:

    Ah ah ah so true ! But i hope SEO will never die !

  9. Alan Ciechalski says:

    hahaha this is so me when I was starting out :P:P:P Great piece of content… must share… preciooooous 🙂

  10. Thanos says:

    I also liked the way you told the story the end is little sad the term average SEO you means that most of SEOs are using black hat?

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