What’s Epicster and Who’s behind it?

Evelio PereiraAre you tired of having an average life? Of working 9 to 5 in a repetitive and mundane job that provides no personal satisfaction?

Or perhaps you already took the entrepreneurial road but for one reason or another, you seem to be getting nowhere.

My name is Evelio Pereira and I’m the guy behind Epicster.com

I created this site to help others like you find answers to these questions. My goal is to combine my marketing experience, entrepreneurial ideas and other skills to help you succeed in the online business world.

As you continue to read the site, you will learn that I like to create incredible solutions to existing needs.

Epicster is my solution to a huge need, the need for truly inspiring and useful content. You see, I got tired of reading hundreds of blogs to find semi decent content that didn’t teach me much.

My friends and family always asked me to teach about how I earned a living online, but i couldn’t point them to any specific source. Epicster.com is that place. A place to learn how to create incredible things, not average ones.

A place to learn the real ins an outs of marketing and entrepreneurship; not what the so called “gurus” teach you, but what they actually do. Everything in this site is intended to help my friends and family find success, and hopefully I can help you as well.

Before you read or watch anything in this site I must warn you, nothing in here is going to help you get rich quick. The information here is designed to help you build real, solid market leading businesses, not one month wonders.

Like the name implies, my philosophy in business and in life is to build epic, amazing finger licking things.

I will teach you everything you need to know; from finding a great idea, to creating marketing that will simply catapult you ahead of any competition. We will find average things and turn them into epic marvels.

I have been an entrepreneur and marketer for as long as I can remember and have failed at many things, like trying to trick search engines or creating businesses I had no passion for.

After many years of trial and errors, hundreds of books read and lessons learned, I’m beginning to get a grasp on what it takes to succeed not only in business but in life.

My goal is to help you find the same success.

If there is any part of you that wants something more – a part that does not want to be average – then Epicster might just be the place for you.

In case you were wondering: 

I hope you join me in this journey. I promises to do everything in my power to make epicster.com the most incredible learning place for entrepreneurs.

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So, are your ready to be remarkable?

If you are, then fasten your seat belt, our adventure is about to begin…

See you soon!

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